Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Community and Voluntary Sector fights back with SIPTU

SIPTU members in the Community and Voluntary Sector have formed a Western Organising Committee and selected local representatives Ms Catherine Pollock and Mr Sean McMonagle to represent them on Derry’s Trade Council. This Committee will add to the work already undertaken by SIPTU’s Belfast Committee.

Various representatives from the City, Strabane and Omagh were also selected to ensure the Committee would act in a cohesive manner over the entire region.

Speaking after the event SIPTU Organiser Martin O’Rourke stated.

“Over the last two years around 3,000 Community workers have lost their jobs through lack of funding for vital projects for the most vulnerable in our society. This has resulted in increased hardship for the community with the loss of vital services and skills. The Department of Social Development intend to further reduce funding by 25% for this vital sector at a time of growing need for this type of service.”

Karen Mullan who was selected as the Chairperson for the group stated,

“The early intervention provided by the Community Sector ensures real savings in both economic and social terms to the state. Cuts to funding for vital projects make neither economic nor social sense, and that is why we are determined to resist the planned cuts” “Our Society deserves better and the SIPTU members in the Community Sector are going to ensure the people they provide services to are protected. The Community and Voluntary Sector which has been seen as the point of least resistance for planned cuts are getting organised with their Trade Union SIPTU to protect the most vulnerable and to build a fairer and better society for us all. We would encourage all community and voluntary workers to join us to build a strong united voice for our sector."

The next meeting of SIPTU’s Voluntary and Community Western Organising Committee is scheduled to take place in Tullyally within the next two weeks.

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